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Program Manager: Aida Sadybakasovna Kadyrberdieva 

Address: Bishkek city, Panfilov st. №237 cabinet №407 (б)

Phone number: 0312 623 135


The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic named after J. Abdrakhmanov is an excellent start for a career in public service, business, and science. Highly qualified specialists needed by the country are trained here.

The Bachelor's degree program is a structural unit of the Higher School of Professional Education of the Academy, which performs the functions of organizing and implementing the educational process for bachelor's degree programs for state and municipal employees in the fields of economics, management, and law, which are competitive in the labor market of Kyrgyzstan.

The mission of the Bachelor's Degree Program is to promote the targeted training of highly professional state and municipal employees at the bachelor's degree level who have theoretical and professional knowledge, organizational and managerial skills, communicative qualities, social competence aimed at achieving success, the ability to quickly and effectively make managerial decisions in the field of economics, management, and law.

The main purpose of the Program is to implement the educational programs of the Academy for the training of highly qualified personnel of state and municipal employees in the field of economics, management, and law of the Kyrgyz Republic, by the mission of the Academy, satisfying the educational needs of the individual and providing the state and society with graduates with higher professional education.

Educational programs

The educational activities of the program are carried out based on the State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Bachelor's degree program organizes and coordinates the educational process of training state and municipal employees of the Kyrgyz Republic in the fields of economics, management, and law in the following areas of training of APAP KR:

1. DIRECTION: 580900 "State and municipal management"

Profile: "State and municipal administration"

2. DIRECTION: 580100 "Economics"

Profile: "Finance and Credit"

Profile: "Accounting, analysis and audit"

Profile: Economics and Business Management

3. DIRECTION: 580200 "Management"

Profile: "Organization management (by industry and field of activity)"

Profile: "Financial Management"

4. DIRECTION: 530500 "Jurisprudence"

Profile: "A lawyer in the field of public service."

Advantages of bachelor's degree programs at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic named after J. Abdrakhmanov:

  • A diploma of higher education from one of the most prestigious Kyrgyz universities.
  • High-quality professional knowledge of the Academy's bachelor's degree program is highly appreciated in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.
  • Studying at the academy with presidential status.

Participation in the educational process of world–renowned foreign specialists from international partner universities of APAP KR. They conduct seminars, training programs, and master classes.


Manager Seidesimbaeva Aigina Shekerbekovna


Manager Abdybekova Saltanat Isagalievna


Manager Byrzhybaeva Mayra Amanzholovna