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Department of Economics and Management


Head of the department

Doctor of Economics, Professor Zhuma kyzy Raiza

Address: Panfilov str 237, room 409a, Bishkek

Phone: 0312 623126


The mission of the department is to train highly qualified economists and managers who are competitive in the labor market, effectively interact in the professional and social environment and are in steady demand among employers.

Educational and methodological theme of the department: “Modernization of the educational process at APAP KR in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education and the interests of employers as a condition for training a competitive specialist”

Fundamental directions for the implementation of the topic:

1. Determination of the place, role of the department and each teacher in the implementation of the assigned scientific and methodological topic.

2. Improving the quality of teaching in the formation of the quality of knowledge and professional competence of the student/master’s student.

3. Formation of labor functions of future specialists, focused on the current and future needs of the labor market.

4. Constructive implementation of the requirements of state professional standards in specialties.

5. Improving the technology for assessing the educational achievements of students/master’s students in the classroom from the perspective of a competency-based approach;

6. Creating optimal conditions for mastering and introducing innovative teaching technologies into the educational process.

7. Creating conditions for the introduction into practice of new practice-oriented technologies and effective teaching methods through innovative activities

8. Research work with students/masters/postgraduate students


Until 2019, the Department of Economics and Management was part of the Department of Public Administration, Political Technologies, Management and Economics. In 2019, based on order No. 17-P dated December 2, 2019. “On the formation of departments”, the department was separated from the “GMUPT&E”, where the leading disciplines of general professional training of students and undergraduates in economics and management are currently concentrated.

Professor-teaching staff:

  1. Zhuma kyzy Raiza – Doctor of Economics, Professor;
  2. Tentimishova G.K. – Head teacher, department manager.
  3. Abdrazakova A.M. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  4.  Abdynasyrov U.T. - Doctor of Economics, Professor, APAP KR;
  5.  Alimbaeva Sh.B. - Doctor of Economics, Ph.D.;
  6. Baysubanova S.T. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  7. Birimkulova A.D. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  8.  Dosaliev B.A. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  9.  Zholonbaeva A.Zh. - Ph.D., acting associate professor;
  10.  Kadyrberdieva A.S. - Doctor of Economics, docent;
  11.  Kitaeva M.M. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  12. Makembaeva K.I. - Ph.D., acting associate professor;
  13.  Mazhitov A.S. - Senior Lecturer;
  14.  Nukeeva M.A. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  15.  Okenaeva M.Zh. – Ph.D. acting associate professor;
  16.  Suyunalieva B.Sh. - Ph.D., acting associate professor;
  17.  Supataeva N.T. - Ph.D., Professor, APAP KR;
  18.  Toktobekova M.A. - Doctor of Economics, Professor APAP KR;
  19.  Tursunova N.M. – Senior lecturer;
  20. Freyuk G.V. – Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  21. Tagaibekova Zh.T. - Lecturer;
  22. Eralieva A.A. - Ph.D., Associate Professor;

Educational programs

The educational activities of the department in the areas of training 580100 “Economics” and 580200 “Management” are carried out on the basis of the State educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic by order “1578/1 dated September 21, 2021.”

Direction 580100 “Economics”, profiles:

• “Accounting, analysis and audit”;

• “Accounting, analysis and audit”;

• “Finance and Credit”;

• “Green Economy”;

• “Economics and business management.”

Direction 580200 “Management”, profiles:

• “Business administration”;

• "Management";

• “Project management”;

• “Master of Territorial Development”;

• “Management of organizations”.